Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There is no way to sugar coat this, so I am just going to say it….the last two seasons for Mark Teixeira have been disappointing, and Yankee fans are waiting for him to come back and dominate again. The RBI’s and the power are always there, but the low batting average is hurting him. Imagine how much more effective he could be if that average was closer to .300 like it was in 2009 and before he came to the Bronx. I love Tex, he is my favorite player, so I say the above statement with tough love. Tex has the potential to succeed here, and he can and will return to the player we saw in 2009.

Defensively, you can’t find much to criticize, and he has been so important to the Yankees since coming the Bronx. The Yankees needed that presence after Tino Martinez left, and Jason Giambi just didn’t have that (no offense, Giambi!) I have the utmost confidence when he is on the field because if anything is hit in his general direction, he has it. Tex only had 4 fielding errors in 2011, and I can’t even imagine how many runs he saved for the Yankees. We have a gold glove first basemen on or team, regardless of the fact that he did not repeat this achievement in 2011 he surprises Yankee fans all the time, and I can’t wait to see what he does this season.Offensively….there is room for improvement, but he is taking the necessary steps read that HERE. I usually don’t like to make predictions when it comes to baseball, but I believe in Tex’s ability to turn 2012 into a big year so I am going to do just that…I am going to go against my theory and predict! If Tex can bring in 111 RBI’s with a .248BA then imagine what he can do with a better average. So here it is, mark your calendars because when he hits .270, brings in 125 RBI’s people won’t be able to tell me I am crazy anymore! To make this happen Tex will concentrate on hitting more singles, and driving the ball to the opposite side of the field instead of pulling it which will avoid hitting into “the shift” that other teams put on him. Say goodbye to the .224BA as a lefty as well, the split is about to become less daunting and the pop-ups ups are too. Despite the new approach at the plate, I believe the power numbers will still be there, but maybe not the 39 home runs we saw this season, but I will still take 33. Another interesting factor for all of this will be if Girardi does keep him batting in the fifth spot. I love Tex, but I think this is where he should be. It takes off some of the pressure so he can just focus on hitting again.I admire Tex because he can admit that he isn’t getting the job done, and he also can tell you what he needs to do to fix it. Tex is making a comeback, we can’t see it yet…but it is on the way. When I think about my favorite moment nothing tops Game 2 of the 2009 ALDS against the Twins when Tex smashed that ball to the left side and it narrowly passed over the wall. THAT is the Tex I know is coming back to the field, the one who uses the entire field. It has been a long, frustrating road since 2009….but just like the saying goes, you can always count on the Yankees, and that is why I put my faith in Mark Teixeira.

--Jeana Bellezza --BYB Writer and Editor

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