Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just an update for all you Scott Proctor fans… *cricket, cricket*… Mr. Proctor has signed another baseball contract, but this contract makes him part of the Doosan Bears of Korea. That report can be read HERE.

Proctor joined the Yankees briefly last season and really didn’t offer much but I guess it was good to see the guy again. To be honest, I always had high hopes for Proctor when he was with the Yankees the first time, I would almost consider myself a fan at that time. I always felt like the guy could turn into a David Robertson type, but it really never panned out that way. Many blame Joe Torre for blowing out Proctor’s arm. Torre has stated that Proctor wanted to be out there and did it to himself, Read HERE. Who the hell knows if that stuff is true. It is true that he pitched a crap load of games so, who knows.

In 2011, Proctor was part of the Braves and Yankees organization. He had a horrendous ERA of 7.14 in 40 1/3 innings. Whatever the case, we wish Scott Proctor luck in Korea because like I always believe is, once a Yankees, always a Yankees. Good luck Scott.

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