Tuesday, January 3, 2012


First off, not only is Edwin Jackson of the last "big" name free agents out there, but now Scott Boras wants 5 years for the 28 year old who has a lifetime record of 60-60 and a 4.46 ERA. Look, I understand what agents do, but Edwin Jackson, while can eat innings for a ball club, is not pitcher worth a 5 year $60 million deal. Wally Matthews has that story HERE. Read it and giggle. Matthews though in all seriousness, makes an argument for why the Yankees may want to give him a shot:

"Jackson had a good season in 2011 despite switching teams, and leagues, moving from the White Sox the St. Louis Cardinals at the trade deadline, going 12-9 with a 3.79 ERA overall and 5-2, 3.58 with the Cardinals." In fairness, he also goes on and states that that price tag is way too much.It's true... Edwin Jackson is talented, but not 5 years and $60 mil talented. I'm thinking he's 2 year, $15 million talented, and then we take it from there. People like Jackson, I don't dislike him, I just don't see this guy as the quick "fit" the Yankees need. And if the Yankees didn't bite on better pitchers like CJ Wilson and others, why would they bite on Jackson? Plus, why would other teams bite at that price tag? It's ridiculous.

Yes, it's true, Bleeding Yankee Blue has written about the possibility of Jackson fitting into the Yankees rotation. Read Jesse Schindler's piece titled WHY I LIKE EDWIN JACKSON AS AN OPTION. Look, we have smart writers all up in here and I'm not going to censor my writers because they have an opinion on the guy, but me personally, I don't think he's "the" guy. To be honest, I'm getting kind of content with where the Yankees are right at this moment... doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this off season. I don't like it, but I understand what they're doing and bottom line, we're going to have to accept it Yankees fans, or maybe you want to go root for the Mets? Your call.

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