Wednesday, December 28, 2011


You can check into Bleeding Yankee Blue and look at some of the names that we bring up from time to time. It may look like we’re being desperate, we’re not. We are now clear that Brian Cashman has a long term plan, in fact, we are more clear now about it than we’ve ever been. Don’t believe me? Read WHY CASHMAN HAS A LONG TERM PLAN and WHY CESPEDES IS AS DOUBTFUL AS DARVISH. We’ve made up our minds, nothing big is going to happen in Yankeeland right now. Paul Maholm may not be anything big either, but he could be…here’s why.

The big guy is 29 years old, he was stuck in dead-end Pittsburgh and he’s a lefty. The best part about Maholm is he’s improved his numbers over the last few years, plus, now he’s a free agent and the Pittsburgh Pirates, while they have Erik Bedard and Ross Ohlendorf, are not to sure they can get Maholm back to help their rotation. While he’s clearly a top rotation guy for the Pirates, he would most likely be a #4 guy in the Bronx. While it’s clear we’re not going to get any #2 rotation guys off the free agent market, or in a trade, this guy could come cheaper, compete for a high spot in the rotation and could easily be needle in the haystack of free agent dominance. Here are Maholm’s numbers in 2011:

3.66 ERA / 6-14 / 26 G / 162.1 IP / 97 SO / 50 BB

Ok, so clearly the record of 6-14 is a blemish, I wouldn’t worry about that. The important thing to know is his ERA dropped from 5.10 ERA in 2010 to 3.66 in 2011. He’s also dropped his home runs allowed down to 11. That’s important and could prove even more important in Yankee Stadium, especially having him, a lefty, face lefty batters. Sure, Maholm is no superstar, but at this point, if you aren’t going to make a move, or perhaps a cheaper one, Maholm could prove to be a creative and smart move for the Yankees. He offers stability, not all-star power and at this point, it’s not a bad idea at all. My opinion… what do you think?

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