Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yu Darvish: It’s been thrown around so far this fall that Yu Darvish will be the biggest fish of the winter. But what if Yu Darvish doesn’t post? It is possible you know and it may just be the reality…read HERE. Look, if Darvish doesn’t post, you will see a frenzy from many teams who will then run out and offer to players like CJ Wilson, Edwin Jackson and Mark Buehrle. Hell, the Marlins have already offered to Buehrle and I read the Diamondbacks are interested. Read HERE. And the Angels appear to be all in on CJ Wilson. (HERE) But if Yu doesn't post, those teams will up the ante and get those pitchers. Teams are waiting right now to see if they need to bid on Yu Darvish. If Darvish wasn’t in the mix, teams will move rapidly to fill their holes. Stay tuned on this one…

Gio Gonzalez: Not as much buzz as I’d like about Gio and the Yankees but that usually means that Cashman is keeping his true feelings close to the vest. One thing I know about Brian Cashman is he’s stealth when it comes to players he really likes. He appears to be doing that with Yoennis Cespedes and he’s doing it with Gio Gonzaelz as well. I just have a feeling. Again, if Cash can offer up a few prospects to Billy Beane that won’t hurt the Yankees future too bad, the Yankees have to go for it and get Gio Gonzalez...he's quality. Read about the GM meetings HERE.

Bill Hall: You want a bench player with wisdom and pop? Bill Hall is your guy. Not only can the guy play second base to give Robinson Cano a break once in a while, he can also be a 4th outfielder. Don’t dismiss this idea, Bill Hall may have bounced around to a few teams over the last few years, but that’s because he is unique. The guy can hit and if for instance, Eric Chavez were the hang it up and not return to the Bronx or Andruw Jones doesn’t return (Read about Jones HERE), I would be inclined to kick the tires on Hall. While Hall’s line between the Astros and Giants looks horrendous, .211 AVG / 2 HR / 14 RBIs, he's much better than that and bench material if the Yankees are in need. Andruw Jones or Eric Chavez would make me feel more comfortable, but Hall could need a spotlight and the Yankees could provide one.

As more develops, we will bring it to all of you.

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