Monday, November 28, 2011


Everyone wondering when Joba will be back? Don't... Larry Brooks of the New York Post knows because he saw him and asked him about it. Here's his tweet HERE.

Joba Chamberlain said he's on schedule and after Tommy John Surgery, that's a relief. It is believed that he will be back by mid-June in 2012... that would be exactly 1 year since he had the surgery. I know that over the years, the rehab schedule seems to be quicker with TJS and let's face it, when it happened to Joba, it came as a big surprise and we all immediately went into shock mode because we were freaking out about what our pen would look like without Joba. Needless the say, the pen held it together quite wonderfully and we ended up not needing Chamberlain. Thank God.So what do I expect from Joba in 2012? A whole lotta good. Joba is a good pitcher and I am a firm believer that if you keep Chamberlain in the bullpen, he will provide stability and quality outings in that bridge to Mo. For a while there, I believed that he would be the next Yankees closer, then, when he went away with injury and David Robertson stepped up, that changed for me.Right now we have guys like Rafael Soriano, David Robertson, Cory Wade, Boone Logan, and eventually, a healthy Joba Chamberlain. Once Mariano decides that it's time to retire, the Yanks could clearly move David Robertson into that closing role and move Soriano or Chamberlain to the 8th slot. True, when Rafael Soriano signed, it was assumed he'd take over that closing role. Well, let me be clear, DRob earned it and Soriano didn't. Things could change, but it's just my opinion right now.

A lot of bloggers want Joba to return to the starting rotation. I don't see it. I believe that ship has sailed and I don't think there is any benefit to it. Working with Joba to stretch him out will take a while, we don't need starters in a while, we need them now and over time, we can get what we want on the open market or through trade. Joba will be a success story in the bullpen, I believe that and I know Joba believes that. He just wants to pitch and wants to be certain what role he's in. We need to stop jerking him around.
I believe that once Joba returns, he will be lights out. Remember in Rocky III when they asked Clubber Lang what he predicted for the fight? He looks into the camera and says "Pain."

That's how I see Joba, a guy that goes out there and just chucks it in, mowing people down, strikeout after strikeout and just comfortable in his role as a dominant and important bullpen guy. I believe moving him from rotation guy to bullpen pitcher to rotation guy really messed with his confidence and if he goes out and just knows his role, he will not disappoint... a pounding of the catchers mitt with beautiful strikes is what we need...Joba will provide it.

Joba, I can't wait for you to start rolling again... can't you tell?

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