Friday, November 25, 2011


We heard Dan Haren's name attached to the Yankees before, it was after the Yankees lost out to Cliff Lee in 2010 at the trade deadline. With most of Yankeeland shocked that the Yankees "had a deal done" with Cliff Lee and then didn't, we sat there with our dick in our hands wondering what the hell just happened?

Then soon afterward, the Dan Haren rumor was floated and suddenly, Yankeeland became excited again, but just like that, Haren was shipped off to the Los Angeles Angels and Yankee life went on without Dan Haren.
Now Dan Haren's name is attached to the New York Yankees again and to be honest, I really like this guy and any time I hear Haren's name with "Bronx" in the same sentence, I know, that if he was part of our rotation behind guys like CC Sabathia and possibly Ivan Nova, you have to smile from ear to ear, because if Brian Cashman were to get him in a trade and gave away a guy to 2 that wouldn't damage the prospect base, believe me, I'm there. It also would mean we'd get a top pitcher in a trade and not a free agent signing using a ridiculous amount of money.

There is no doubt Cashman wants to go on the cheap, we saw that yesterday when he signed Ol' Reliable Freddy Garcia for $5 million. Cash isn't stupid, he knows sticking with the same rotation as last year would be like playing Russian Roulette, eventually you're going to shoot yourself in the head, and he really doesn't want to do it in 2012. We literally dodged a bullet last year... we got lucky. He can walk around telling the press that we may "stick" with this rotation going into 2012, but we won't, we can't right? that would be crazy. I am a believer that something is in the works...Haren could be in the works.The way I see this going down is simple. CJ Wilson was wined and dined by the Angels' brass. The Angels brass get giddy and sign Wilson to a big deal. Now that they have what they consider a "top" pitcher, they need to consider a catcher... enter the New York Yankees who have many. (In Photo: Austin Romine)
Jesus Montero will obviously be the Angels first choice, but after Cashman does he best mind trick, the deal would hand the Angels Austin Romine and another pitcher, possibly Hector Noesi and suddenly, Dan Haren is in the Bronx.

Look, I'm not saying it will be done, I'm saying it can be done, and let's be totally honest, it should be done, because Dan Haren could be the one that flew under the radar...I'm not sure if many teams are looking at Haren, but one thing I do know is the Yankees don't forget and usually come back to finish business. Haren was unfinished business and it is possible, that the Yankees could pull something like this off, without anyone realizing what happened.

Damn, I love the off season and I would welcome Dan Haren to the New York Yankees, no doubt about it.

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  1. Lol as an Angels fan, no way in hell Dipoto takes that package. Romine projects as a back up C that we have plenty of. Any package for Haren would definitely need to include Montero.


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