Thursday, September 29, 2011


There is no doubt that the Yankees have players that have contributed in every way this season and the bench is pretty decent. But not all of them can come to the ALDS. Let's check out some of the names this year that have contributed.

Andruw Jones did what we needed him to do hitting lefties and hitting home runs this year. It’s clear that Andruw Jones has slowed down, but I was happy he was there. Here are his numbers this year:

This season he's 46 for 186. He has 12 home runs and 32 RBIs. His average is .247.

In my ALDS scenario, Andrew Jones will not be joining us. Although looking at the way guys like Chris Dickerson and Greg Golson contributed to last night's loss to the Rays...Golson getting picked off third with a chance to win the game, Jones may now make my list. You know what I mean? The other factor that comes in consideration is whether or not Jesus Montero is OK. Last night he was lifted from the game and there were concerns about his availability in the ALDS. We will have to see. If Montero is healthy, clearly I would platoon with Jorge Posada in the DH role. Again, maybe Jones gets to be there too.

I like speed as you know and that’s where Eduardo Nunez and Chris Dickerson would have come into play in my scenario. Although, Dickerson didn't impress me last night.

No doubt Eduardo Nunez has a terrific bat and great speed to do damage on the base paths. I would never suggest putting Nunez in as a late inning defensive replacement, because, let’s face it, he’s not good defensively. Last night he made his 20th error of the year. How embarrassing. But in a tie game in the 9th inning at home, I’m pinch-running him no doubt.

Eric Chavez is a must have and apparently he's probably a starter now that word is out that Alex Rodriguez has a cranky knee. Read about that HERE. The reason I like Chavez... he gets on base. He seems to be clutch at the right time, plus, as I've stated, he plays third base and first base, if things get desperate. I’ve always liked Chavez, I just hope Mr. Fragile can hold it together.

Jorge Posada is our Designated Hitter, but in the event he doesn’t get the call for the DH against lefties, he is clearly a late inning pinch hitter, he can substitute at first if needed, as we saw last night and if the world came crumbling around Yankeeland, we could slot him in at catcher. We have options.

Options are good Ladies and Gentlemen and our bench looks good. If things click, we have incredible shot to win the ALDS, whomever it will be. After all, we’re the God damn New York Yankees, right? We can do this, I have faith.

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  1. Apparently you dont recall the throw Golson made last year on Crawford to put the Yankees up in a huge playoff lead last year. Pretty sure it was #12 of the MLBs top throws in history.


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