Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Jack Curry is the biggest stud of the Yankee gang, no offense Bob Lorenz, you’re a close second. There’s something about Curry that brings a calming to us Yankee fans when there’s news or information about the New York Yankees that’s coming down the pike. He has the coolest approach to reporting and analysis that the others in baseball just don’t have. Let’s face it, Curry’s the man. In this day and age of Twitter, the guy puts out the info faster than anyone. This is his Twitter handle @JackCurryYES. (send this post to him.) I think he’s actually on Twitter more than anyone, OK, maybe Kim Kardashian has him beat, but you know what I mean.

But what makes Curry rise to the occasion time and time again? He tells it to you straight, something that the others in baseball don’t always do. Plus, here’s an interesting observation… he actually knows what he’s talking about. Plus, there is no skirting around the issue, Curry knows the game of baseball and he knows these Yankee players like he’s been rooming with them in a frat house for years.

Curry’s background lends itself to this; after all, he was a National Baseball Correspondent for the New York Times before moving onto the Yes Network as a commentator and with that background, he brings an energy, good looks and title of “Stud” to us fans, never leaving us in the dark. When he and Lorenz are in the studio after the game, you may think you have the answers going into the post game recap, but you don’t know Jack, pardon the pun, until you hear it from Curry himself.

Yes, this piece is self-serving, we hope one day soon Jack Curry takes the time to speak with Bleeding Yankee Blue, but the thoughts in this post are genuine. Much like our love for Ken Singleton, read THE JOY OF KEN SINGLETON, Kimberly Jones, EXCLUSIVE INTERIVEW: KIMBERLY JONES and Suzyn Waldman, read WHY I NEED TO MEET SUZYN WALDMAN, Curry is a great part of the Yankee family. Hell, maybe Kim Jones can pass on a kind word? What do you say Kim, can you do your magic?

Any way you slice it, Curry’s the man, a great commentator and a New York Bad Ass and Bleeding Yankee Blue thinks the guy brings analysis to another level, and we’re glad you’re there Jack, thanks.

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