Thursday, June 30, 2011


I realized yesterday that I barely ever give Mariano Rivera proper respect. This is a guy that came up in the Yankees farm system, took over the closer role from John Wetteland after the 1996 season and never looked back, becoming the most successful closer in Yankees and baseball history. Here is the Saves list. Click HERE. The guy clearly is a huge part of the New York Yankees and Major League baseball, yet, for some reason, when we do the recap here at BYB, I barely ever mention the guy or even give him the respect his truly deserves. It’s wrong and I apologize.

The reason probably is because Mariano Rivera is the most automatic closer I’ve ever seen. Sure, he’s slowed down a bit and he may not go 1,2,3, every game, but he does do it an awful lot, and he’s in his 40’s. He still looks the same as he did back in 1997, but more sure of himself and more dominant.

Mariano always does his job, that’s probably why I don’t write about him enough. I think in the back of my mind he's there, but I know the game is in good hands and bottom line, when he comes out, it’s a given, you know the games over.

And think about this for a second, as a little leaguer, you were always taught to never assume a game is finished, if your team had a 3 run lead, but still, with Mariano, many of us do. Usually, you never let your your mind think that way until the other team gets their last licks. You don't want to jinx it. You usually wait to celebrate after the third out. Well, Mo seemed to change that and with good reason, he's that damn good.

So, I make a vow to all of you who read Bleeding Yankee Blue. I promise to give Mariano Rivera proper respect from this point forward. For crying out loud, he’s the key to the Yankees success almost every game, right? Geez, sorry Mo, won't happen again.

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  1. Hail to The Sandman...the former shortstop from Panama !!!

    BTW, am I missing something here, in terms of logic, we re-obtained Sergio Mitre???

    In a division which will probably come down to a game or two all the way to late September, we can't afford to even consider putting this character in during ANY situation when we are up, even if it is by 5 runs or more !!!!


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