Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before the first pitch of last night’s Yanks/Brewers game I, like millions of Yankees fans, was wondering which A.J. Burnett was going to show up? Would we see $82.5 Million AJ or $82.5 Dollar A.J.? You know what watching A.J. pitch is like? It's like going to the movies! You know, that movie you can’t wait to see?! The one where the previews look amazing and you think, “I hope the movie is as great as the previews”. Well that’s A.J. You can almost tell from the opening minute of a movie whether its going to be a classic or will it drag on and disappoint. With AJ you can usually tell within the first few pitches whether he “has it” or if its going to be a long night. Luckily for us, A.J. had it last night and his performance was “Oscar” worthy! Bravo Mr. Burnett, Bravo!

He was throwing strikes! Love when A.J.has command of the strike zone. It gives him confidence and, of course, gets guys out. A.J. had it all working last night and it was a pleasure to watch. So let’s break it down: A.J.’s line looked like a pitcher who deserved his $82.5 million contract:

7.0 IP 7-hits 2-runs 2-walks 4-k’s

More impressive was how he shook off that early inning run by the Brew-crew and just pitched with command and poise. It was great to see! Hey A.J., can you save a few of those performances for Boston? Just sayin’!

Bronx Bombers offense stayed hot and it was nice to see Russell Martin contribute offensively. Martin’s 3-run shot sealed the deal and the good news is he looks like he is 100% healthy, ‘eh! My boy Jorge continuing to get it done and swing that hot bat. His month of June has been phenomenal and it looks like Jorge and the Yankees have put “Posada-gate” where it belongs, in the past!

Some other highlights from last night’s win:

  • Swish really getting his swing back -- so great to see. Lets hope he can build up his RISP avg.
  • Nunez made an outstanding dive at SS lat night to rob a base hit and on the same play delivered an off balance toss to Cano to almost turn an improbable DP. He gets so much heat for his poor defense (deservedly so) it was nice to see him contribute in the field.
  • D-Rob just doing what D-Rob does: Shutting down opponents in the 8th inning to set up the great Mariano Rivera. “All” D-Rob did was pitch the 8th giving up one hit and striking out 2 to lower his season ERA to 1.11 Yaaawnnn! J
  • Last but not least, Mo closes the door on any hope of a comeback for the Brewers with his 21st save of the season. Mo’s season ERA, 1.72!

Final Score: Yankees 5-Brewers 2.

--Mikey Blue, BYB Senior Writer
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  1. AJ seems to have so much more confidence when he's throwing the ball well and his Rhythm is in sync. He has outstanding stuff as a pitcher and should use his breaking ball more especially in deeper counts. By the way...It would be nice to beat Boston - at least once this year. C'mon AJ.

  2. I think the 2009 world series is the best example of how baffling burnett can be. He had the best pitching performance of the series after Cliff lee in game one and he had the worst in game 5.


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