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Brett Gardner is in a funk and I don't mean he has a nasty nasty head cold, I mean, the dude just sucks lately.

You know I love this kid and you know I want him to succeed with the New York Yankees. But something's going on and it's time for Kevin Long to make it right. Gardner seems to have mechanics issues. Look, one thing that's not going to happen is the Yankees won't give up on this kid. Put it this way, The Yankees finally separated Joe Girardi and his "odd" attachment with Sergio Mitre. Lord knows they won't do it again, this time to Joe's other attachment, Brett Gardner. Girardi actively roots for this guy and that's totally fine with me because if he's right, he's a valuable spark plug that gets the team going. All he needs to do is get on base... That's the problem.

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The last few days Long and Gardy have been watching tape and according to reports, Long found out something interesting in Gardner's swing. He appears to be lifting or "coming up to much" as it was reported by the New York Post.

Long said of Gardner's swing: “He is not trying to lift the ball at all, it has more to do with what he is not doing with the lower half and he is looking at pitches and expanding the zone more than usual. He has been feeling for his swing.”

Long believes in using leg strength and lower strength to drive balls. Obviously it's made the other players on the Yankees successful as of late. He believes that if he can get Gardner back to doing that, everything will fall into place.

You know, I've always been a small ball guy and yes, the Yankees have been hitting home runs and scoring runs a lot this season so, technically, they're not missing Gardner right now, but no doubt, Gardner is a secret weapon and will be needed at some point. He just needs to be right and hopefully we'll having him hitting and running soon.

Currently, Brett Gardner is batting .128.

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