Sunday, March 13, 2011


If we learned anything at all from last night's game, it's a few things:
AJ Burnett was able to let Michael Morse hit a home run off of him, but then reached back, shrugged it off and continued on his path to progress. He never fell apart, never broke down and gave credit where credit was due.

Of Michael Morse, he said: "He's a big boy with a big swing and he connected, I've got my job to do after that."

Next, I like what i'm seeing of Jesus Montero. He, I believe will in fact be the Backup catcher this season, at some point. I'm still not sure how they're going to handle Francisco Cervelli, but right now we're seeing what I said should happen, more eyes on Montero and more at bats for the young man. The more playing time this kid gets, the better he will be and the more people will rally behind him. Bottom line, the Yankees are never in a rush to bring up new talent, so I am still now sure how they are going to play the Jesus card by Opening day, but fair is fair and if he has a great spring, I believe they should at least give him a shot by Opening day in a backup role at least.
Jorge Vasquez is a freak of nature. He's not a good looking man and he looks huge at the plate and one thing I notice is, he knows his job... Kill the ball and hit home runs. I know his talent around first base defensively isn't that great. But damn his swing is magic. The ball travels forever and one of my BYB writers, Grant Cederquist said it best, Why NOT put him in a DH capacity for the Yanks? The power is there. It makes sense. By the way, you can read Grant's piece titled WHY NO TALK ABOUT JORGE VASQUEZ? and let us know if you agree.

Finally, and this is not a Yankee thought, it's a baseball thought. Who the hell is Michael Morse and how can we get him in pinstripes? Anyone see last night's game? I'm a sucker for homeruns and power and watching then soar out of a ball park. To me, it's part of what makes baseball so special. Morse is a monster at the plate and had a monster shot against AJ. I just want to say, I wish this guy well. He could have a future in the majors if he gets more at bats per year.Bottom line, Yanks are looking good. On paper, maybe the evil Red Sox have an advantage to some extent, but the way we've been pitchnig, the surprises we've seen with the bats, and defenisvely? My God, the Yanks will have a terrific 2011. I'd put them up against the gimpy Sox any day of the week, just you wait and see.

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