Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today begins the quest for 28. The Yanks put on a nice little ceremony, once again proving they’ll spare no expense on pomp and circumstance. Seriously, who needs a military flyover at a Spring Training game?

Now, last week, Hank came out and ripped on MLB’s luxury tax and rightfully so. As usual, the Yankees pay the most into MLB’s version of revenue sharing. Revenue sharing works in the NFL because they have a league wide television deal and league wide merchandising. Baseball is different.

Each team does what they want, with whom they want. Everyone rips the Yankees for “buying championships”. ATTENTION, the Red Sox aren’t too far behind. But so what? The Mets are here in New York and have the same resources available to them that the Yankees do. The difference comes in when you look at how teams spend their money. Yankees & Red Sox ownership understands that you need to spend money to make money. Basic business principles say if you invest wisely in your asset you’ll see a return. This most basic fundamental seems to be lost on the Wilpons and other owners such as Peter Angelos of the Orioles. It's been well documented that a few years back, Peter Angelos took the earnings he acquired from revenue sharing and bought a yacht. I’m sorry, doesn’t that seem to slap the face of the original intention of revenue sharing. Doesn’t it exist to make teams equal, not to line the pockets of cheap owners?

Friday, it was revealed that MLB has loaned the Wilpons $25 million to help cover expenses after what they lost in the Madoff scandal. While I feel bad for the legal troubles that are about to ensnare the Wilpons, I don’t feel bad for the Mets. The Mets have never spent money wisely. The organization was seen as a business and “winning at all cost” attitude has never struck me from Fred or Jeff. They treat the Mets, much like the Dolans treat the Knicks & Rangers, as toys. I can honestly say I feel bad for the fans of these teams.

Whether you agree or disagree with Hank, he brings up a good point. Revenue Sharing needs to be reevaluated or maybe some of these teams shouldn’t exist. Winning needs to bred from Ownership right down to the field. Maybe the Wilpons should sell to Donald Trump. He may not always succeed, but at least he tries. Something the Wilpons haven’t done in years.

--Lem Allen, BYB Freelance Contributor

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  1. technically the mets where trying to make money

  2. I think what he was trying to say, is that if the Mets actually tried to be competitive they would've made money.


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