Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I love Brett Gardner on our team. He's quick, scrappy, he can lead off, he's a great fielder and his hitting is maturing more every year. OK. I'm glad I got that out there. Now...

How much of an ego do you have to have to act like you weren't interested in the best franchise in baseball? Apparently Carl Crawford showed off that ego today when he was on WEEI this morning talking about why the New York Yankees weren't his choice.

Crawford said of the Yankees: "To be honest with you, I never talked to New York. They never offered me a contract. I never had any kind of communication with New York, so it was never an option to go to New York."

BYB says: "That's because the contract that was offered by the Red Sox was embarrassing and over inflated. You're not worth that much."

Nice. That was fun, let's analyze this guy's other statements:

Crawford says of Red Sox players: "They’re showing a lot of love. We’re fitting in really well and just trying to find our place around the clubhouse."

BYB says:
"That's because you're new on the team and your new teammates haven't experienced your enormous ego yet. It's the honeymoon stage bro, it'll come."

Crawford says: "(I need to) just go out there and play my best."

BYB says:
"No shit. That's why they're paying you."

Crawford says: "Cliff Lee was their first choice. I didn’t want to be somebody’s backup plan."

BYB says:
"Lee is a starting pitcher, not a lead off man, of course Lee was our first choice."

Crawford says: "I wanted to go to a place where they wanted me just as bad as I wanted to go there."

BYB says: "You wanted to be in a place that showed you the money. If it was the Pirates, you would have been there. Who are you kidding?"

Crawford says of his game plan with Boston: "They don’t want me to change nothing."

BYB says: "Anything. They don't want you to change anything. Hopefully they threw a grammar book in that contract of yours."

Was this clever or ridiculous? Tell me.

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  1. Clever!! He is just on a long list of other ballplayers past, that have made comments similar like this when the Yankees passed them over. I said all along, all Gardy had to do was work on his swing; his speed and defense are equally matched to Crawford's and the Yankees recognized that. Crawford's contract was ridiculous; his game revolves around his legs as speed is his weapon. In 7 years, he won't be nearly as effective as now. I'm so glad that the Yankees used their better judgment.

    Great post!


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