Friday, November 19, 2010


For far too long, we here in New York, have decided, been told and outright declared that New York City is the center of the Sports Universe. I mean, after all, we have 9 home teams spanning the 4 major sports. It's here that we have 2 all sports-talk radio stations; numerous national sportscasters have regular jobs with these teams. Anybody who’s anybody in sports wants to be here in New York. Hell, New Yorkers are the greatest fans in the world. Knowledgeable, Passionate. As New Yorkers, we deserve the best!!!
Then why is it that as NewYorkers, who follow the most storied franchise in any sport worldwide, do we get a third rate announce team? How is it that in 2010, someone in the Yankees organization can wake up and still sign paychecks for Suzyn Waldman & "the Voce of the New York Yankees" John Sterling?

I am embarrassed as a Yankee fan to have to suffer to the endless rants and utter nonsense spoken by these two. On numerous occasions someone will make “An outstanding play!”, yet it won’t show up on any highlight reel. Why? Because most of the time these are plays that professional athletes SHOULD make. It’s their job, not to mention the fact that these are supposed to be the cream of the crop. AND, let's be real about this, is every play made by our aging shortstop “sensational”?

Or how about the “A-bombs, from A-Rod” that barely clear the fence. When seen on TV, a person with little to no sports knowledge might say some of these balls were lucky to leave the park.
OR how about when Mr. Sterling does his Joe Morgan impression – describes things as fact that don’t actually happen. If a sales person lies to the consumer, wouldn’t people stop buying from that store? But why, in this case, are we forced to suffer? And while we’re at it, didn’t all of the nicknames & catchphrases fall out of style around the same time as Chris “Boomer” (a name he gave to himself) Berman’s hair? By the way, on a side note, in this day of steroids, isn’t the line “Georgie Juiced one” a bit insidious?

How about Ms. Waldman? From back when she was the beat reporter at WFAN until now, as the “color analyst” for the Yanks, she acts as if she is the mother hen and this team of professional athletes is her flock. If I wanted to know what Jonathan Albaladejo had for breakfast I’d interrogate the clubhouse attendant. I DON’T CARE!!! Just tell me what’s happening in the game!!!

I mean if “Roger Clemens sitting in George’s box” is the greatest moment in Suzyn’s career, maybe she needs to find another line of work.

Earlier this season Tino Martinez filled in and it was AWESOME. He didn’t speak a lot (I suppose that’s from his lack of experience behind the mic) but when he did, his insight was fantastic. It was straight baseball, from the mouth of someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Since money seems to be no object, let's go after Dan Shulman. He may be the best radioman I’ve ever heard, in my opinion. Soothing & smooth voice, keeps the stories to a minimum. He lets the game tell the story and doesn’t let nonsensical fluff get in the way. He has a habit of setting up his color analyst and letting them shine, rather than trying to talk over them or prove he’s the man.

It is here, that I implore the Yankees to cut Suzyn and John loose and go find 2 people more capable and competent. As New Yorkers, we deserve the best, now lets hire the best!!

--Lem Allen, BYB Freelance Contributor

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  1. Amen to that...please I can't take another season of Susan sounding like she has a bag of marbles in her mouth as she trys to kiss Sterling's a*& throughout the game.


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