Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm Back. The Yankees lost. I'm over it, I'm not thrilled but I'm over it. One of my close friends who is NOT a Yankees fan suggested I was aggressive and angry in my last post after NY lost to the Rangers. It's true. I apologize. Apparently I scared people. Don't worry. All will be fine in Yankeeland. Why? Because now comes some of the most fun in the baseball off-season... Who stays, who goes and the countdown the pitchers and catchers.

I've already read that the Yankees and Vasquez are ready to part ways. Vasquez and the Nationals? Perfect together. Check out The Bleacher Report .

The biggest story will be the Core Four. Jeter is in a contract year, and again, while he didn't have a great season, Jeter is a Yankee for life, if you disagree, comment and tell me why.

Posada, oh Jorge, what can I say, your looking old. I love what you've done for us all these years, but time is ticking and I think you realize you will have a diminishing role behind the plate in 2011. Embrace it, Yankee fans will always love you.

No one but Andy Pettitte knows if he will be back. I tell you what, I want him back. As he has aged, he's become a better pitcher. He, in my opinion is a terrific foundation to the Yankee pitching just because he knows winning and he's been with the franchise for so long.

Mo. The greatest closer of all time, says my son. Well he's right, how do you part with that? Most saves in the post season ever... Second on the list of most saves ever in baseball. Give him what he wants Yanks, and if you don't, Retire Mo, I can't bare to see you on another team.

This offseason wil be a important for many reasons, Money will be an issue for Yankees. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. Jeter will be getting an expensive contract but not a long term one. The Yanks want him in a Yankee uniform for his 3000th hit. Mo will stay and get paid and if Andy comes back, he's no dope, he'll be reminding them of his 11-3 record all day long. Not back for a 38 year old.

Then you need to factor in Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, Craig Crawford. Could you imagine? Now I predict this... The Yankees WILL go after Cliff Lee hot and heavy. They need to. CC will be calling him every day after the World Series wraps up. Jayson Werth, I love the guy, but in my mind, he's going to the Red Sox. Carl Crawford? Well, he will be the guy that is the wild card. We could decide to stick with Gardner who's had a great season for New York, OR we could wake up one morning and find out Crawford is a New York Yankee after and overnight contract agreement. You never know, but I'll tell you what I think; Carl Crawford will not be coming to New York. With all the money being thrown around this off season, and if they sign Cliff Lee, they will not sign Carl Crawford too. 2 reasons: Money and Gardner earned his spot.

The Bullpen will be interesting. I say you keep Wood, Robertson, Joba. You need to lose Mitre, Gaudin and probably Boone Logan. And if you don't sign a Crawford, you bolster that bullpen with a few lefties and a few righties.

My next post will be aboot the starting rotation. Look for it, and look for updates all winter long on trades, free agent signings and the like.

This is one of my favorite times of year, other than the beginning of the season. Go Yanks!

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  1. i think the yanks need crawford. i agree the gardner is a good outfielder and got a ton of stolen bases, but hes just not great, crawford is great. my biggest complaint about gardner is he doesnt put that pressure on pitchers the way speedsters should. crawford on the other hand can take the pitchers focus away from the hitter and knows good baserunning.

    lee is a must. the main reason they lost in the post season, besides the cold bats and the unreliable bullpen, is their razor thin rotation. after cc, who didnt bring his A game, you got nothing definite. lee and cc is going to be a devesating 1, 2 punch.

    the bullpen needs some work. i doubt they are going to be able to resign wood unless they want to pay him. he proved he can be a closer on any other team, so hes going to want closer money. they need TWO lefties, marte will be coming back maybe and then maybe give logan another shot. robertson had trouble in the playoffs last year but i like him a lot. joba can go if you ask me, and mitre and gaudin are definitley gone. hopefully ace will come back next year. and thats my opinion on what the yanks need to do!

    -King of the Castle

  2. It's not as easy as "Go do this, go do that" but I respect everything you're saying.


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