Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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Nathan Eovaldi had our number.  The Yankee bats were incapable.  We looked so bad, I don't even know how I can get those 3 hours of my life back.  We were embarrassing, we had no flame... we had nothing.

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But you can't blame Aaron Boone for that display.  The only people you can blame are the New York Yankee players.  They swing the bats. They are the pitchers... they were pathetic. And you know what? They know it.  No other way around it.  It was the worst game I've ever seen played.  And it was an example to my 16 year old how NOT to play the game. We watched every out... disgusted.

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Yankee fans want to blame Boone. Sure, go for it, but come on.  Look, I don't care for the guy either. I think he's more interested in being everyone's friend than mentor, and I think some games that rubs off on the players. Last night the Yankees knew they were in a playoff game, and they couldn't get it together. They were embarrassed in front of their fan base. They embarrassed us. And so, they are the ones to blame.  No question about it. They stunk up the joint.  Boone? He's part of it, but last night he was a tiny part of it.

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There will be no recap.  There will be no nothing. When Austin Romine is on the mound and the Red Sox smash us as bad as they did, we deserve everything that's handed to us. Pathetic display... we need to turn it around.

Tonight is a must win and that's on them! We must win, that's it.

Wake up Yanks!

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