Monday, December 25, 2017


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This holiday season, we have all made sacrifices in order for our kids, our significant others, and friends to have something special.  We perhaps have gone without so that others could have something special or we realized that we could live without it after all.  The understanding of needs versus wants continues to balance us.  The same goes for the NY Yankees.

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"They use the dearth or absence of other suitors plus a willingness to wait and wait to kind of slow walk the other team toward their way of thinking. The Yankees didn’t, for example, desperately need Giancarlo Stanton so they let the Marlins know what they were willing to do, watched as other suitors fell away and, poof, there were the Yankees ready to throw Miami a lifeline, or noose, depending on how you view it," inked Joel Sherman of the Post earlier this weekend.


And the team used the same strategy to nab Sonny Gray.  They waited and planned to live without Gray until the other team caved.  The A's needed to trade Gray more than we needed to add him to our pitching roster  Now, the Yankees' top elf, Brian Cashman, is doing the same thing with Pirates RHP Gerrit Cole.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"According to a Yahoo! Sports report, the Yankees remain engaged with the Pittsburgh Pirates about right-hander Gerrit Cole, and there is "confidence" a deal will get done. Other potential pieces in the trade are unknown," reported CBS Sports.

With the CC Sabathia signing, the Yankees can afford to wait.  And don't forget, we already have a pitching staff that can anchor us, eat innings and get us to what is still being toted as one of the best in baseball again for a second year.

Being in a championship drought for almost nine years teaching you something.  It teaches you to live without but never give up.  It is with great excitement that we enter 2018 as the strongest team in baseball, one with options and depth.  And who knows, additional presents may be under the tree later this week.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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