Friday, August 25, 2017


Photo: New York Daily News
I saw the game. I was truly embarrassed. I was embarrassed by the loss, and the spectacle.

I mean look, I understand tensions get hot in the heat of a baseball game. But it's a damn baseball game.  The Tigers are 15 games out of first in the AL Central.  Are we really having some type of rivalry with them yesterday where 2 major brawls break out? It's utterly ridiculous... and what does it get us... suspended players in the most important season in a while for us Yankee fans and our beloved New York Yankees.

AP writes:  "Once slugger Miguel Cabrera wrestled Yankees catcher Austin Romine to the ground at home plate, an afternoon game at Comerica Park collapsed into total chaos.

All the testiness that had been building between the Detroit Tigers and New York finally boiled over. The toll of Thursday's fury -- three bench-clearing altercations, eight ejections, one beaning and a lot of angry words...

Detroit's Alex Wilson (2-4) and New York's Dellin Betances (3-5) -- were among those tossed. So were Girardi and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus.

At one point, the ill will carried over to the Detroit dugout, where star pitcher Justin Verlander and teammate Victor Martinez appeared to get into some sort of dispute."

And the video is, while riveting... total insanity. Check it out:

Now look, it's true, Romine got shoved first.  There is nothing wrong with him flinging his mask off quickly to get in Cabrera's face, but Cabrera shouldn't have put hands on him either.  And trust me, I get brotherhood.  Watching DRob run full speed from the pen to help his teammates was incredible.  But my point is why... why the Tigers? What a waste... and now, who ends up getting suspended going into the weekend and what happens to our depleted team? Come on man...

It's stupid. In the end, The Tigers are in our head and then... the loss. As my son who is now 15 said... "What a joke."

Here's more. Have fun with this video too. Sets a great example heading into Player's weekend.  That was the irony of this video above. As the brawls and shouting is taking place, a friendly reminder about this weekend's MLB Players weekend.

Hilarious and sad.

Do I like video like this? I love it.  But it hurts the team ultimately and we need to be smarter when we're picking our enemies... especially when we are so close to getting past the Red Sox.  Why the hell are we bothering with a team 15 games out?

Seems silly to me.

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