Tuesday, August 8, 2017


If you don't like my opinion, have a dialog and talk about it.  Hate in this world, especially now... especially behind a computer when you don't have a face and have balls is NOT a good enough reason to spew bullshit.  EVER! That's called trolling, and Nick... @PinstripedBX2  is a troll.

I will not tolerate it any longer. I find it unbelievably outrageous that people can say whatever they want and not feel like they have crossed the line of bullying.  Enough's enough. 

Meet Nick.  "A YANKEES*GIANTS*KNICKS*RANGERS. LOCAL 638 STEAMFITTER. UNION STRONG." from the Bronx. He also doesn't like opinions that aren't ones that root HARD for his New York Yankees and gets pissy when people don't agree with him.  Sad really... but look, BYB is about real thoughts and if the Yankees are stinking up the joint, or if we don't like what's happening, we will tell you. That's how this site started in 2010 and that's what we are today.   I need to share this ridiculous exchange on Twitter earlier:

First off, I did the Sunshine joke first, and my delivery was funnier.  Plus, I wasn't being cruel, I was attempting to have a discussion.

Now look, while this isn't 100% hateful, it's close... silly and friggin' stupid. Thank God for my #BYBHub co-founders @Section_36 and @GreedyStripes.  They helped to try to adjust Nick out a bit.  Not with hate, but with questions... you know, a dialog.  A conversation... a debate even...whatever.

Love these guys. But this is my point.  Opinions on the web are vast, and kindness and intelligent debate is important. If you don't offer that, and instead are a troll... you will lose.  And for the record, you will placed on the pages of BYB... for now on... no exceptions.  As Woody said to Sid in Toy Story....


And that takes me to the #BYBHub. That place offers a ton of great baseball blogs and PLENTY of opinions. And this is the best part, many of us don't know each other. But one thing we do know is we love our teams and we love baseball... AND... we love different opinions, and we came together to create the #BYBHub because we have a respect for each other and the hard work we put into our projects every single day.

Stop the hate, Nick.  Stop the hate on Twitter... on Facebook.  It's silly.  Support opinion, even if you don't agree! It's ridiculous to not.

I leave you with this... someone who gets that different opinions are OK.

Thank you Joseph Bryan for getting it!

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