Sunday, July 9, 2017


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My son had a great moment yesterday.

He went with his friend and his friend's old man to Yankee Stadium.  I was sad because I wasn't going, but was happy that his friend asked him to go catch a game in the Bronx, and with him out of the house, wearing his Judge Yankee shirt, I was able to get a few things done anyway and spend alittle time with my other kids too.

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I had the game on the radio, but was doing yard work, and then, heard it.  Then, I got this  text moments later...

My son was now a Clint Frazier fan, no question... because he saw Frazier crush one when it counted, and he was there to witness the hysteria at the stadium. And to be honest, sometimes that's all you need as a kid. To SEE it live.  That's when it sucks you in.

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The Yankees came back yesterday to win.  Despite injury... despite the slow down with the team, the recent losses... they were able to pull out a tremendous win when it counted.  Yes, we're about to head into the All-Star break and momentum is everything, but for a moment, it was wonderful.

Look, recaps are not what we do here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, unless there's something big, and unless it is valuable to my family or fan's happiness, and yesterday was that moment. And when I saw my kid's face as he walked through the door, I could tell, he saw history.

And for me, a Yankee fan all my life, I saw that same look I used to glow about when I saw Ron Guidry pitch well all those years before... the 18 strikeouts... the big moments to pull out a win.  That's what being a Yankee fan is about.  That's what true baseball is all about.  The moments... the moments as a player and team, but the moments as a fan.

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I'm pretty sure my kid's a big Frazier fan these days.  And for me, seeing my kid so happy... I'm now a big fan too because of it.

Yanks won yesterday. So did my kid!

Thanks for that Clint.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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