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The trade deadline is five days away and the Yankees have made improvements to the infield and the bullpen but the stating rotation still needs to be addressed. Time is running out and soon some of the options will be also. Not to mention some options are just really bad.

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The Yankees have already been tied to a few names. Last week we speculated if the Yankees were one of 12 teams connected to Jaime Garcia read that HERE. This week the Yankees have been talking to the Oakland A's about Sonny Gray and then there is that crazy idea floating around about Justin Verlander in a Yankee uniform (and it really is crazy). But there is one pitcher that is flying under the radar.

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The St. Louis Cardinals are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. They are currently 3.5 games back in the National League central but Lance Lynn is in the final year of his contract so he is a rental. He's making $7.5 million this season and he is probably worth making the expensive $18 million qualifying offer to in the off season but Lynn will be able to secure a longer term deal worth more money so he would likely decline. The Cardinals could decide to just deal him now.

While I don't see the Cardinals cutting him in the next few days especially after dealing lefty Marco Gonzales there is still a small chance. The Yankees need another starter and Gray is likely going to be expensive. If Cashman is going to stick to his game plan of the Yankees being "cautious buyers" Gray will likely cost the Yankees some blue chip prospects. Lynn could add some veteran experience at the back end.

Lynn may not be the most exciting addition compared to other pitchers, but he certainly makes more sense than Justin Verlander! He's cheaper, won't cost us the better talent and the guy has a better record than Verlander does. He's also got veteran experience and knows what it is like to play in the postseason since he was part of the winning 2011 World Series team.

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Lynn does have some injury history. He missed all of last year due to Tommy John surgery but before that a minor oblique injury in 2011. Before missing last season he pitched 175 innings or more between 2012 and 2015 so he is an innings eater. He relies heavily on his fastball but can throw a four-seamer, sinker and a cutter with good control. He also uses his change-up and curveballs enough to throw hitters off so he has the tools. Lynn's ultimate challenge at Yankee stadium would be fly balls though, he's not a ground ball guy. Overall though, he is no more risk than any other pitcher the Yankees have been connected to recently.

Lynn may have been overlooked for awhile now but he makes sense for the Yankees. I'm sure the Cardinals probably won't see it the same way though. It's worth a call though. You can't get a "NO" unless you call and ask and he would be an upgrade over Bryan Mitchell and the other fill-ins.

Food for thought as the Trade deadline looms closer...

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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