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Our Yankees made some moves this off season that are going to put us on the path to greatness.  We, as fans, know what is coming down the pipeline but at the same time, we are realistic and it takes more than just one signing to get us to the top of the AL East. Yet, one of the best signings this off season is undoubtedly adding Matt Holliday to the roster.

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I would describe the Matt Holliday signing as a steal for our Bombers. Having a veteran guy, who’s has had solid numbers his entire career, who wears the number 7 as a tribute to Mickey Mantle in a young Yankees' Clubhouse could be the perfect formula for success. I think we can all attest to the waste of time and money that the Nick Johnson signing in 2010 was, however I don’t believe for a second that this will be the case with Holliday.

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According to the YES Network, "Holliday, a former first baseman and outfielder, may see some time in the field if the situation calls for it, but the Yankees will be hopeful he can deliver the goods with his bat, after piling up 295 career home runs in his first 13 MLB seasons."

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This kind of track record that Holliday has is just what the Bombers need this season. As he continues to integrate himself in the clubhouse however, the most important thing Holliday can bring to the team is being a mentor. When young guys can connect with a guy like Holliday they feel more comfortable and learn from the experiences he’s had. That’s how baseball works. He’s a World Series Champion (2011), 7x All-Star, and 4x Silver Slugger.

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"I think it's part of the game; as a young player you get guys that take you under their wing, help you out and make an impact on your career," Holliday said. "I had guys like that, and so to now get a chance to possibly provide a friendship that could impact the next generation of players…the relational part of baseball is something I find fascinating, and that's the cool part of baseball," reported the YES Network earlier this week.

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A strong major league legacy, a positive attitude geared toward success and a humble disposition: a magic formula for a veteran guy to bring to an up and coming club.  "I'll just be myself really, and just start to kind of get to know people and build relationships," Holliday said. "I like to talk baseball and talk about hitting, and I think out of that you get a chance to just get to know people and express your opinion without coming across as if you know everything."

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Exciting times for the Yankees and me, a 19-year-old Syracuse University student who is looking forward to a great season and an opportunity to bring the youth's perspective to you here at Bleeding Yankee Blue this season.

--Chris Carbonaro
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