Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Photo: New York Daily News
There's plenty of chatter about maybe starting Aaron Judge in Triple A.  That would leave us with Aaron Hicks in right field.  I'm not sure I like that from a fan perspective.

The New York Daily News has this nugget:

Photo: New York Daily News
"The 24-year-old has hit .327 with three homers this spring, cutting down on his strikeouts in the process (12 in 55 at-bats). But he could open the 2017 campaign at Triple-A Scranton, since he has minor-league options.

'He needs to play, that’s the bottom line,' Joe Girardi said.

Aaron Hicks has also had a solid spring (.275, three homers), and is the better defender of the two. And the Yankees want to see what he could do in an everyday role."

Now look, this makes a ton of sense.  You got an experiment going on. Hicks is going to be tested.  Can he handle right field, the fatigue, the role of playing every day as a New York Yankee? The Yankees want to find out.

Meanwhile, you have a kid in Judge that could potentially be sent down to bat every day on the Triple A level, get some confidence, grow, and if Hicks takes a dump, you know it's time. If he doesn't, there is bound to be another personnel move that will ultimately get Judge up, especially if he's killing it in Triple A.

Bottom line, while I don't like it because I want to see Judge in the pros, I understand it totally.  But fans want Judge!

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