Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Photo: New York Post
We've heard plenty about the Yankees and the players this off season.  We've heard plenty of reaction about the re-signing of Aroldis Chapman. They've talked about possible trades, who they think the Yankees should sign, shouldn't sign... who's trash and who's perfect for the club, BYB included by the way. There's even been plenty discussed about the future of the organization with the kids coming up! But notice that what we really haven't heard much about is the signing of Matt Holliday.

Personally, I love this signing. Sure, Holliday had a down year last year and has had injury issues the last couple of years, this is true. Much like this article suggests though, I believe his help can go beyond the stats he provides:

(April 26, 2016 - Source: Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images North America)
"...What Holliday may bring to the organization that goes beyond the stat sheet.

There are parallels between the seasons leading up to the dynasty of the 1990s and the current edition of the Yankees. The franchise is fully invested in their youth and are committed to seeing their young talents manifest at the major league level. They’re also coming off of a time period where winning wasn’t associated with the pinstripes...

Fast forward over 20 years later and the organization is hoping Holliday can follow that trend.

Throughout his time with the Cardinals, Holliday was noted as a leader in the locker room — and his positive presence was one of the main reasons behind the organization’s yearly success. He’s also been considered someone who has no problem helping young talent, too."

With the loss of Brian McCann and his leadership, many should welcome Holliday for not only his bat, but for his leadership.

Photo: New York Post
A healthy Holliday for 1 year can not hurt the Yankee Organization. It's only going to help the kids in the long run.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer

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