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The journey doesn't end for Ty Hensley folks... it just got more exciting...

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This is small in many people's worlds, but a very important piece of information coming out of Yankeeland right now.  And it's personal for me because I appreciate Ty and his family so much having getting to know them over the last 4 years.  Ty Hensley was lost by the Yankees in the Rule 5 Draft to the Tampa Bay Rays.

SNY this nugget, including a bunch of other players you will know if you've been following the youth movement as extensively as we have over the years.

"C Luis Torrens, RHP Tyler Jones, LHP Caleb Smith, and LHP Tyler Webb were all selected in the Rule 5 Draft... Torrens was selected by the Reds, Jones was selected by the Diamondbacks, Smith was selected by the Brewers, and Webb was selected by the Pirates.

In order for any/all of the above players to become property of the team who selected them, they must remain on that team's 25-man roster for the entirety of the 2017 season. If not, they will be offered back to the Yankees.

In the minor league portion of the draft, the Yankees lost RHP Ty Hensley -- a former first round pick --...."

As Marci has just put out on Facebook:

"Friends and family as you know Ty was honored to be chosen by the Yankees in 2012 and has had a tough road since the draft. This morning he starts a new journey with the Tampa Rays as he was selected in the AAA portion of the Rule 5 draft. He has never felt better and been more prepared for a season. We appreciate the Yankees for taking care of our son like family! It's a happy/bittersweet day. We are excited that the Rays believe in him as an asset to their organization. Congratulations Ty! I know this will be a great year!"

Always the professional! All of the Hensleys are!

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Now, I will do my best to get you any info I can, but out of respect for the family, I like to let things resonate.  Remember, there's a determination factor here.  Ty has a goal. And look, here's the important part of this if you're a Yankee fan... just chill. This was a move that had to be made because of the Rule 5 Draft. It's a rule.  Knowing what I know about Ty Hensley, sure, he wanted to be a New York Yankee, and one day he could be again. But there's more to it. It's about drive. Even if it was the New York Yankees, the Rays, the Daytona Beach Gorillas... the goal is to make it.  And that's what's going on in this kid's head. It's about personal achievement, and trust me, Ty has a much better shot coming up with the Rays than the Yankees just because of the way the organizations handle things. They are alittle different.  The Rays could give this kid chances the Yankees may not have given him early on. 

And look, it's a long road... it always is in baseball, and so, you gotta applaud the grind here. You just gotta wish  this guy well.  This is the business they are in.  We are just fans on the outside looking in.

Again though, as I find out more, I will report back to the BYB audience. That's a promise.

But for now, I quick message to Ty:

"It's not about the uniform... it's about getting there. Keep your eye on the prize, and achieve your goal, kid! From all of us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue!"

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