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The player was pretty much interchangeable, wasn't he? I mean yes, I wanted Carlos Beltran to sign with the New York Yankees for about $16 million (or less), but in reality, it could have been Carlos, Frank Jones, Matt Holliday or my mailman... as long as the price was low, as long as that player would contribute and as long as the Yankees had enough dough to sign Aroldis Chapman and a starter or 2 down the road.

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My beef wasn't with the Yankees NOT signing Beltran.

My concern was that the Yankees needed to sign a DH low... so they had money left over.  Unfortunately some out there that read only headlines and didn't understand my concern... BECAUSE THEY NEVER READ THE ACTUAL STORY! If you want a refresher, read ARGUING WITH IDIOTS WHEN IT COMES TO BELTRAN.

Sweeny Murti has the story about the signing of Holliday:
And now it's pretty much done.   1 year, $13 million and a veteran in the clubhouse to help mold the kids, and help be productive at the plate... his only jobs as a New York Yankee.  Now look, this is a very good thing. As fellow BYB senior writer Dan Lucia texted me just a short time ago:

It's very true.

And for the record... Suzie Pinstripe called it.  Read  3 GOALS FOR CASHMAN AT THE WINTER MEETINGS..., writing,

(April 10, 2015 - Source: Joe Robbins/Getty Images North America)
"Now, among those available, we are left with a very expensive Edwin Encarnacion and a more affordable Matt Holliday, who I believe could be a 'Zobrist' for the Yankees.  "Holliday isn’t be looked at by the Yankees as a left-field possibility. He is considered a DH at this point with the possibility of playing some first base, a position at which he has played just 10 games in the big leagues," reported the Post on Saturday.  In 2016, Holliday played a total of 110 games with 382 AB, .246 BA, 20 HR and 62 RBIs.  He could definitely be a worthy DH for us following the departure of Brian McCann."

The off season has begun folks.  With Holliday signed... CHEAP by the way... now we look at guys like Aroldis Chapman.  Yanks need to make that deal...

And to all of you out there that had no idea why I would want to sign Beltran... now you know because we signed Holliday.  It's essentially the same signing... now we have some cash to spend!

Go Yanks!

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