Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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We just did a piece on all the excitement surrounding Justus Sheffield yesterday. Read "A LEFTY STARTER WHICH YOU CAN'T FIND". It's a great little nugget. We love nuggets...

Today, we gotta talk about Dillon Tate!

Baseball America did a piece about Tate and talked about his struggles and his velocity vanishing before coming over to the Yankees.  Well, that has changed.  Here's a sample of some of that BA article. I encourage you to read the full piece by clicking on Baseball America.  For now... read this:

 "...Tate’s baseball life changed significantly at the Aug. 1 trade deadline when he was one of three minor league pitchers dealt to the Yankees for veteran big league outfielder Carlos Beltran. Tate certainly didn’t expect to be traded so soon after being picked near the top of the previous year’s draft, but he didn’t brood on it for long. 'It felt a little strange at first,' Tate said, 'but after a while it settled in and it didn’t take me too much time to get adjusted to being a Yankee.'...

His regular season struggles and eventual trade made Tate one of the more intriguing players to follow coming into the AFL season, and there are plenty of positive signs after the season’s first week.

Most importantly, the fastball velocity is back, touching 97 in his first AFL appearance and sitting 93-95 mph in his second game. He’s been victimized by the long ball in both games, giving up a homer to Glendale catcher Carson Kelly (Cardinals) on Opening Day and hanging a changeup for a three-run bomb by Glendale second baseman Willie Calhoun (Dodgers) in his second time out, but balls have been flying out of AFL parks quite regularly so far this season.

One evaluator at the second outing commented that Tate’s fastball looked sharp and the ball came out of his hand easy..."

We received a ton of great young talent trading away Beltran, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.  All those teams made it to the playoffs now, while the Yankees will wait to hopefully have many of these kids hit the Bigs one day in the future.  It's damn exciting, and I'm psyched to hear that Tate is working through his velocity problems.  More growth to come... but he's on his way.

Good piece by Baseball America!

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