Thursday, June 23, 2016


Now, you know that the Yankees have recently been attached to Cuban free agent Yulieski Gourriel and that's because every time the press has a moment, they bring his name up to Aroldis Chapman. 

That's when Chapman talks about how excellent of a ballplayer Gourriel is.  There isn't TRULY a connection between the Yankees and Gourriel, it's slightly fabricated, but that being said, the Yankees need to think about guys like this.  Roll the dice. I mean, at this point, you can only get better adding talent... you know what I mean?

Here's the latest on Gourriel, just to keep you in the loop. According to SNY:

"... The Mets will hold a private workout for free-agent 3B Yulieski Gourriel next week, the team's assistant GM John Ricco told reporters in Atlanta.... Gourriel held a private workout for the Dodgers in Los Angeles this week, according to reports."

Will the Yankees get in on this guy? Look, I doubt it, I'm going to be honest.  But whatever man... you gotta wonder what the Yankees will do with this team, and ultimately, this is something they shouldn't just take off the table yet. 

We will see, but in the end, all this was was an update for all of you from the folks you love at BYB.  Do what you want with it...and carry on.

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