Saturday, May 21, 2016


I never liked Matt Harvey.  It's not his fault. The media salivates whenever a newcomer comes into view in New York City and they feed off each other so much when it came to Harvey, that sooner or later, readers started believing the hype and then start only reading headlines. That then snowballed into the player himself believing the hype... and that is sometimes the beginning of the end.  Before you know it, that player feels invincible, immortal, "God-like" and loves the celebrity of the whole thing.  Some of them, like Fat Papi starts to spew crap because he knows it gets picked up by the media and he'll skate no matter what he says, even if he speaks profanities.

Players like Jose Bautista have fallen into the trap with the old "bat toss".  I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure that bat flip made Jose feel like he had the right to be held on a pedastal.  That's until Rougned Odor showed him his fist.

Matt Harvey is the believer of his own hype.  He was once a great pitcher, but I'm not exactly sure just how great he truly was.  Plus, the guy had Tommy John and now he's not what the media once wrote about the guy.  But he's in too deep.  He loves to have his picture taken with his hot girlfriend and will continue to be drooled over by the media... maybe until now.  Now, the media appears to have chewed Harvey up and spit him out.  The dude can't pitch like we all anticipated.... and it's the media train that did that to the once touted, "Next Tom Seaver." The problem is, he's not Tom Seaver... he's not even Tom from 'Tom & Jerry'.  He's a pitcher that's having problems.

News report today suggests the Mets may skip him in the rotation.  They should... it was my opinion he was never the Mets ace.  The best part is guys like Jacob deGrom and Thor never fell for the hype.  They concentrated on themselves, perfected their craft and are coming off as true aces.  Harvey? He's bloated, and not very good.  But was he ever TRULY great? Or, did the media and the Mets ruin this guy by suggesting he was the next Golden Boy?

Do I feel bad for him? Not really. I mean, I don't want to sound nasty... I'm not a hater. But this is New York folks.  You gotta know how to handle the hype and check your ego at the door.  Don't think it's possible? Talk to Derek Jeter.

Finally, let me say this; this is my opinion of how the breakdown of Matt Harvey happened.  I have no scientific evidence that this is what happened... this is how I feel like it happened for this guy.  So, in other words, don't try to debate me about how great Matt Harvey is... I do not care.


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  1. Nice piece of speculative fiction there but all it is shows is your dislike for Harvey. Do me favor, stick to commentary on your own team, an overated, overpaid, undertalented bunch.


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