Friday, April 22, 2016


The team is just tragic.  I know, I know, there are worst things in the world where the word 'tragedy' makes more sense, after all, this is just baseball.  But let's be perfectly honest... there is zero reason to be swept by the Athletics in your home stadium and the Yankees just can't seem to play well right now.  Is it the pitching? Nope.  It's the hitting and the sloppy play... but mostly the hitting...  THE HITTING.  It's the God damn Hitting!!!

We Yankee fans are tired of the shit.  We've been saying this for years... why, year after year do the Yankees not understand the importance of small and fundamental baseball?  They have been doing this for several years now, and this year was supposed to be different.  This year they were supposed to jump out of the gate, looking young, rejuvenated and do some damage, but they're the same team as last year.  Every Yankee fan sees it, including my buddy Charles and he's in freakin' Australia:

Should the Yankees have been swept? No way.  It's inexcusable. And I don't like the defensive tone of Girardi lately either. Can we talk about this for a second? 

Look, YOU'RE THE GOD DAMN MANAGER, be the leader for Christ sake.  And when you're team loses, don't sit there like the reporters shouldn't be asking questions... YOUR TEAM SUCKS and you're in charge. I don't give a shit that you're as angry as we are... FIX IT.

I have never seen such a sloppy, non-energetic team in my life. Oh yeah, I have... last season. Now, my theory has always been the veteran hitters are set in their ways and sometimes hitting coaches just can't or won't tweak too much as to make them worse.  Well, I say start it up, tweak, change things.  Let this team realize that they need to be aggressive and find ways to get on base.  Even my son knows to try and work a walk or at least get something to hit on 2 strikes and usually does one of the other on a 3-2 count...everytime! That's because IT'S FUNDAMENTAL BASEBALL!  Our Yankees are not seasoned.  We are stale, we look pathetic and we look like, dare I say, that we have no heart.  Mike O'Hara tweeted it best last night:
Yankee fans won't come to Yankee stadium if the Yankees don't win, and if that happens, we can by-pass the whole Ticket, Stub Hub, Lonn Trost bullshit, because it won't matter.

If the team's garbage, why bother going to the Bronx.  And while I'm on the subject... hey Trost, you're a tool? Take a hike!

Yes, the Yankees organization fielded the best team they could get this off season without breaking the piggy bank.  It's a new mentality that I don't love, but it's where we are.  At least make it worth wild to the fans to win a God damn baseball game once in a while. FAKE IT if you have too. Jesus.

And while I'm on the subject, let me rank on our loser 1, 2 hitters.  Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner... it's over gentlemen. You 2 are our lead off hitters. We have 2 because the mentality is it's a double sparkplug. And so... you MUST get on base!  You have to do your job, bottom line.  If you don't we cannot jump start the lineup. And sorry to be so harsh, but IT'S YOUR JOB, and in the real world when folks don't do their job they are moved OR FIRED!  Do the job... get on base and then... SCORE! Steal bases... work your fucking ass off, because IT'S YOUR DUTY!

Am I giving up? Hell no.  But I'll tell you something, these Yankees are not my Yankees.  These Yankees are making it a helluva lot easier to NOT go to Yankee stadium.  They fucking suck.  Disgraceful sweep in our house.  How in the world does that happen?  And you know what's worse? The fact that every time the Yankees are taking it in the can, there's another promo or video that comes out of these clowns acting:

It's over. Stop the promos, be alittle smarter when you run them.  No one thinks it's funny when we're losing and we are losing a pull them.  

Look, this is how it started for me. Crappy play and alot of yelling.  Almost 6 years since Bleeding Yankee Blue began, it's amazing that nothing has changed.  The Yankees need to shape up!  Will I walk away? No, but not watching and doing other things in my life will make my life a lot happier.

Win.  You are multi-millionaires athletes on the biggest stage ever.  Don't take it for granted.  Do your freaking job!

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