Sunday, April 17, 2016


Quick note...

One of #BYB most loyal readers and fans is Doug Stroup. A great dude and dedicated to the New York Yankees.  Today he did what he normally does... he tweeted a shot of himself wearing one of his many shirts.  We love when he does that.  What's even better is when he did, he Tweeted it to us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue and to the New York Yankees.
I am happy to report that the New York Yankees 'LIKED' that picture and for that, we are smiling over here in BYBville.

Thanks Doug.  Thanks for being dedicated and loyal to not only the New York Yankees... but to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We really appreciate you very much. For that, I am sending you a FREE 2016 version of the new BYB shirt!

For anyone else who would like to buy this awesome shirt? CLICK HERE and shop!

Go Yanks!

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