Wednesday, April 20, 2016


People are truly amazing. 

I have run Bleeding Yankee Blue since September 2010.  We have had a lot of fun, we put out interesting pieces, we have a terrific back and forth among our fans. But the hate from people staggers me every day.  We have stated here since day one that this BYB thing was a fluke. This was supposed to be me sending a blog to 5 friends and joking around about it once a week. What happened next was not something I ever imagined.

At one point, around 2012, someone asked me about shirts. I was kind of shocked, but I found a distributor and made a batch.  I'm a doer and it costs me money... money I don't have, but I did it. And the shirts sold. Even David and Erin Robertson supported us, see below.

We made merchandise again in 2013.  That model was not as popular, but as we grew, #BYB Fans became loyal. Here's our bud Doug Stroup.

In 2014, the Hoodie was the big item and that cost me a fortune, but you wanted it and you got it.

Many of you still wear them every day, especially in October and it's amazing to me. 

We thank you. We even did the signature Posada T-shirt that year which sold out pretty quick.  I love this shirt. I wear it on the Little League field every spring.

In 2015, the women's tank became the popular item and there will soon be more of those coming your way. 

Here's the problem... I'm a suburban dad with many expenses.  I'm just trying to gather enough scratch to provide more to you.  But again, I'm a doer... and I will... bet on it and thanks for your patience.

This season I wanted to branch out.  Instead of the classic, What's your blood type? shirt, an item you can still get in the #BYB Store, CLICK HERE, I made 2 new designs...

First, we found a Dri-Fit TYPE material and made a shirt with this design below:

We will have these in a week, but you PRE-HOLD ONE BY SIMPLY EMAILING OR FACEBOOK MESSAGING ME and letting me know what size and model you want.  We will have women's and men's. The women's have a nice, V-neck and fit comfortably. The shirt is very light, very comfortable... you can run in it, play ball in it, go to Yankee stadium in it and sleep in it.  It's a great material and does not shrink.  The design is unique... it's some of my favorite Yankees and my own pictures of my recent favorites over the years...    Matsui, Posada, Ichiro, Tanaka, Pettitte and of course Jeter.  The price is alittle more expensive because the shirt is, but trust me, I'm not rolling in money.  That is never my intention. My intention is to make you comfortable. It's my way of giving back to our loyal readers.  Women's sizes range from $15.99 to $17.99.  Men's sizes range from $17.99 to $19.99.  It's reasonable... the shirt is quality.  And 1 important note, the sizes run big, so if you normally where a Large, it's suggested you get a Medium.

I also decided to make this new model #BYB shirt this year.  The front breast has the website, the back has my name and #28... as in "Quest for 28".  Those are on sale right now...CLICK HERE.

We were trying to be unique, and clever... and I woke up this morning to this email.  This is an actual email.
"You dumb fuck! DO YOU THINK WE WANT A SHIRT WITH YOUR DAMN NAME ON IT ?? You're not a new york Yankee. dumb Nigga"

There are several things wrong with this email. First off, the N word is just not acceptable, ever.  Not sure why that's needed in any forum.  Secondly, I am not "trying to be a Yankee" bro. I mean, sure, when I was a kid, that's all I wanted to be, but these days, I'm old. I love to write and I'm trying to help my own kids with their own goals.  BYB is trying to give back to the loyal readers that read us every day.  You are not one of them. I never targeted you... I don't really care if you guy a shirt or not, in fact, I kind of hope you don't, because you scare the hell out of me. I just wanted to do something different... that's it.

People are truly amazing.  Someone actually took the time to write that note to me.  As I sit here, an hour after I read it... I still can't believe it.

This post today is to let you know that #BYB is about family and unity.  We've accomplished that here.  My products are being sold because the readers wanted them.  You wear them, You share us and you like and promote us.  That's you... and we appreciate you all very single day we get to a computer and put something out there. 

Hate? Check it at the door.  We don't do that here... we never have.

So you...Asshole... walk. Instead of me "trying to be a Yankee", look at yourself.  How about you try to be a decent human being?  I know... I know... it's too late.

Bernie Williams and His All-Star Band LIVE in NYC! From center field to center stage on April 30th, prices from $99.99.

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue.
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