Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Watching March Madness makes me realize how important it is to stay in it until the end.  You have to see things through and blaze to the finish line.  It is clearly evident from the Cinderella teams in the tournament that the mantra needs to be you just don't ever give up.  The same holds true for baseball and life.

We have been writing about a number of cuts being made to young phenoms who are just not ready for the big leagues quite yet.  Sure there is disappointment but there is also a bigger plan and it includes growth and depth.

According to the MLB Blog Chasing the Dream, "Approximately 1 in every 200 high school baseball players or .05% will be drafted by a major league team into the minor leagues. Only 5.6% of high school players advance on to college to play at some level of college baseball. Those who make it through college have a better chance to be drafted as 10.5% of college players get drafted or signed as a free agent by one of the teams in major league baseball."  These statistics show that just to be asked to play is a privilege.  "Out of all players who play minor league baseball about 10% of those players who sign contracts each year will play at least 1 game in the majors."  It's incredible that anyone makes it up to the Bigs, but those that do will tell you it is no easy task.

"Each year, when the MLB Draft is held, we are reminded what an inexact science it is. Some players get passed over because of signability concerns, while others are judged not ready for the Majors," according to Anthony Castrovince from Many players will tell you that the most overlooked quality is drive and the heart to play. Sometimes, players say, these two qualities are not immediately recognizable. But if you are willing to improve, open to be coached, well, that attitude is visible and many a scout will take a chance on someone like that. Someone like Derek Jeter who was not the fastest and smoothest of players, was the one that had a heart for the game and will to improve.

So, like we have been saying in our recent posts about cuts like IT'S NOT A DEMOTION. IT'S JUST 'MORE TIME TO WORK' and CHILL OUT!  JUDGE JUST NEEDS SOME TIME  and YANKEE CUTS ARE HERE, there is a reason for the cuts and players need to just know that they can't give up.  Stay hungry, be a sponge for knowledge and take your time and develop into the player you always knew you could be.  Just don't ever give up.  Use this time to grow.  There is plenty of time to play at the big league level, as long as you are good and ready.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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