Sunday, March 20, 2016


Let's hope the latest plunking isn't serious, even though tests came back negative... because I'm not gonna lie, I'm tired of this.

According to, Ellsbury was hit on a delicate piece of the body... and I'm not talking the lower region...

"Ellsbury and the Yankees survived a major scare Saturday, when X-rays and a CT scan of the center fielder’s right wrist came back negative...

'He was in pain. [The ball’s] seam marks [were] on his wrist,' manager Joe Girardi said while awaiting the test results after the Yankees’ 3-2 exhibition win. 'It scares you. You keep your fingers crossed.'"

Look, I only sound skeptical because we've seen this movie before.  "Yes, there was a scare. He'll be OK", changes to... "It's sore, he'll miss a few games" to "15 day DL", to "It's not getting better".   Right?

We'll keep an eye on this for you, but that's the latest on Jacoby Ellsbury.  Gotta love it. How much did we pay for this guy again?

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