Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I swear to Christ there's gotta be a Red Sox jersey still buried somewhere in Yankee Stadium.  We just can't get past the injuries.

Remember when the Yankees had 3 guys more than qualified to close? Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and then we signed Aroldis Chapman.  Then Chapman got suspended 30 games.  That suspension starts the moment the regular season starts.  Then we were down to 2.  Then today, a hard comebacker struck Andrew Miller on the right wrist.  And... if you know anything about wrists, you know that that injury lingers.  If you don't know, ask Jacoby Ellsbury...

That's right.  Miller got hit and Miller looks like he's hurt.

LoHud writes:

" Against his first batter of the afternoon, Andrew Miller was hit hard by a comebacker and immediately walked off the field. The ball seemed to hit Miller in the right wrist. His glove came off, and Miller never even attempted to get the ball, he just held his wrist and started walking to the dugout. As he got there, Miller threw his hat against the railing before walking down the steps toward the bench."

New York Post writes:

"...Miller was taken for an X-ray and a CT scan..." 

Look, you gotta think that players know their bodies and that line from LoHud is significant..."Miller threw his hat against the railing before walking down the steps toward the bench."  Maybe he felt something, heard a pop, whatever.  I know, it's speculation, but body language in a situation like this is important when it comes to reporting the story.

Now, X-rays have come back negative, that comes from Jack Curry:
But here's that word again...LINGER.  Miller will be out for a bit I would assume.

It sucks. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hoping he heals soon. Any prospects on a standin?


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