Saturday, February 20, 2016


But is that a bad thing?

Small report and to be honest, kind of irrelevant now because nothing happen between the Yankees and Tommy Hunter, but it is worth reporting. 

The Yankees and Tommy Hunter were working on a deal to bring Hunter to the Bronx... but the deal "fell through".

According to several sources, but we'll go with the New York Post on this one:

"... they came close.

The Yankees and reliever Tommy Hunter had reached agreement on a two-year contract for what is believed to be between $11.5 million and $12 million, but the Yankees backed out because they were uncomfortable with the results of Hunter’s physical, The Post has learned.

Brian Cashman refused to discuss anything dealing with Hunter. Hunter’s representative, Michael Moye, did not return multiple phone calls or an email and text sent over the past week."

Hunter ended up signing with the Indians.  No question though, having Hunter would have helped bolster a starting rotation or at least offered some competition between starters. As you know, while the Yankees are happy with our rotation, many are still worried about many of our own injury recoveries, but the irony here is, Hunter had his own injury trouble.  As the Post states:

"Hunter underwent core surgery twice this offseason, last on Jan. 7..."

We'll never know what Hunter and the Yankees would have done together at this point, and like I said, it's kind of in the past, but the Yankees did "try" to sign a free agent.... they just didn't.

Oh well.

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