Friday, February 5, 2016


There is nothing more to this story than a rumor that was texted to me by a source, one of my friends that knows folks in the Yankee organization.  I do not know if it's 100% true. I'm being very up front with you. I don't even like reporting this stuff, you know this, but I wanted to share this tiny, TINY nugget about the Yankees and Tim Lincecum.

I checked in with my bud yesterday just asking him to sniff around for me.  He was totally honest with me, telling me that he probably wouldn't be able to find out much, but he did reveal to me that he did hear from one individual with knowledge of the upcoming Tim Lincecum showcase and said if Lincecum can offer enough and can prove that he can still throw, Lincecum "Could be the final piece."

Who knows what that would mean for the Yankee rotation. I'm not even gonna begin to speculate on stuff I don't know. But take from it what you will.

Again, it could mean absolutely nothing, but it's wishful thinking on my part.  The bottom line is if the Yankees were to sign this guy, who, I believe is NOT finished and we could possibly get 10 to 12 wins from Timmy... I'm all in.

Again, I'm being honest here... I know nothing more only to tell you that my source is solid.  That's all I got.

In the meantime, it's snowing in New York City.  I wish I took of picture of the guy with the umbrella this morning....
Enjoy your Friday.

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