Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If you don't know BYB why now, you don't know the alternative to the Yankees and a true family bond between me and my writers.  Not only that, it's a constant interaction between the Bleeding Yankee Blue readers and us and we love every minute of it. Fact!

This is a short post, but important so you understand what we're all about.  Our writers like each other very much, but because of busy lives, we can't always get together and hang out as much as we'd like to. So we'll talk to each other by phone or text or email.  Now some of us were very good friends before they came to BYB, others developed friendships after we started working together.  The bottom line is, and this is on ME... I should try to be out there more shaking hands with my writers in person and personally thank them for all they do for me and for the BYB audience. They are wonderful people. I will make that effort this year.

I have "windows" in my life and last week, I got to meet up with Ike Dimitriadis for lunch which was terrific.  We talked mostly about life and family and we had a few burgers and shot the shit.  I later tweeted about it:
Why am I telling you this? Well, because of a funny interaction. I just want to share this conversation with you because I saw it and burst out laughing this morning.  In this world of Yankee blogs, there's a need to write every time, every day no matter what, and to be honest, sometimes you just can't do it.  It's called Writer's block and it sucks.  But BYB writers Jeana Bellezza and Erica Morales worked through it.  Trust me... they will KILL me for this... but it just shows the levity of the situation.  We love writing for BYB... but it's a grind.  Thank God for these women...
Jeana: "Writer's Block.....Why can't I say what I really want to say? So much for trying to get ahead tonight."

Erica: "You too? I've got two pieces to write by tomorrow night and NADA!  MONKEY MONKEY UNDERPANTS!"

Jeana: "UGH. I am trying to get this done early so I can not be scrambling...why can't things just go the way I want them to for ONCE? MONKEY MONKEY UNDERPANTS!"
Hmm.... Monkey Under Pants... I don't know what that is, but if it's anything like Puppy Monkey Baby... I'm out.

Enjoy Hump Day.  And as always, thank you all for reading Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We love you.

To my writers... just when I think I can't do this anymore... you keep me laughing and grinding.  You are all simply the best.

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue. 
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