Monday, January 18, 2016


I realize it’s kind of an ambiguous title.  I went with the simple question “WHY”.  Well, it’s the only thing that came to mind when the Yankee Brass announced that they’d enter the 2016 spring with Aroldis Chapman as the club’s closer.  Why?

I remember being a sophomore in College and learning that my coach had pretty much settled on a lineup prior to the beginning of the season.   What message does that send?  Sure he had a veteran crew and they’d been there before, but did that mean that what was will be?  NOT AT ALL.

Look, Chapman throws gas. No, Chapman throws nuclear enriched uranium!  He can touch 103mph.  I get it.  He is an intimidating force…when not wilder than the salmon I had for dinner last night.  Let him earn the job…oh and the respect and trust of his coaches and teammates first.

 Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller have those things.  They are BOTH more than capable and deserving of the closer role.  I love that both “DB” and “Cut ‘Em Down Miller” have said they don’t care when they pitch as long as the team gets the W.  That is what makes a good team a great team.  When players toss out personal stats and play to win the game great things happen.

Would Chapman be all right being named a 7th or 8th inning guy?  I don’t know.  The Reds let him go for the equivalent of a Lowe’s Cinema Free Movie Pass.  He must have more than a pending domestic abuse case in his luggage.  I’m saying that it could be closer by committee…or let them THROW!! Who comes out on top of this clash of the Bullpen Titans would be an awesome battle to watch…not to mention it would MAKE THE TEAM BETTER!

I am a BIG fan of DB and Andy Miller.  I love the way they work and how they fit in the new generation Yankee Way.  Closing the book on who will close is a HUGE mistake.  NO JOB SHOULD BE SAFE (Winks at Tex).  The Yankees have to have a little room outside the clubhouse where you check your ego!  Who is the closer?  Hell, it can be Brian Mitchell if he earns the gig!  Play some ball before you set a lineup, rotation and pen.  That’s not rocket science!  I’m not inventing the wheel, gang, I’m just rolling with it.

Joe has been burned by this write them in before pitch one is thrown.  MAKE THEM EARN IT.  Make them earn it everyday.  Let them go to work and the rest will fall into place.  END. OF. STORY.

** I like Old School Rap.  I like an old school mentality.  GO TO WORK.  Tell ‘em Kool Mo Dee **


--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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