Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Gotta love Greg Bird's attitude. This is a tiny nugget, but it's written on our pages because it just goes to the integrity and character of Gregory Paul Bird.  I love where this kid's heads at. Very inspiring.

LoHud and Chad Jennings has the story, and the quotes obviously come from the great Jack Curry:

"Bird’s smart enough to realize he might be crowded out of the Yankees’ Opening Day roster, and it seems he’s patient enough to know that’s not a death sentence on his 2016 season. 

'I would obviously like to start the season with the team,' Bird told Jack Curry during a YES Network interview. 'That’s what everyone works toward. And yeah, I guess once you have a taste of that, that’s where you want to be. But I understand there’s another side of it, and I just have to work hard and be the best I can be so that whenever I get an opportunity, whatever it might be, I perform. That’s kind of my focus. Keep working hard and doing my job and worrying about what I have to take care of.'”

Gotta love Bird.  After his Thanksgiving dinner with Mike O'Hara and Mark Teixeira, Read "THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL", and much to discuss, I guess the kid is happy to contribute any way he can to help the New York Yankees win.  I love the attitude, and I appreciate guys like Bird, because what it says to me is we have some respectable youngsters down there with glaring similarities to the Derek Jeters and Andy Pettittes of the past.  I can't wait!

Anyway... it's a tiny nugget, but I love respect for the game. I had to bring that to your attention.

Oh, and P.S.... for all of you that just read that Mike O'Hara, Tex and the Birdman had Thanksgiving dinner together and didn't click on "THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL", you've been fooled.  It's a cute story, check it out.

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