Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Great news for the Jones family, and the Bleeding Yankee Blue family could not be happier for Garrett and Cassie!  No, Garrett Jones isn't playing in the Major Leagues next season.  He's instead doing something daring and adventurous. He's playing in Japan.

According to several sources, and we'll go with the AP on this one:

"Jones has agreed to a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants in Japan. The club announced the deal on its official website Wednesday. The deal is reportedly worth $2.5 million plus incentives and bonuses."

When Jones came to the Yankees last year, I was psyched because I'm a Jones fan.  Now, it was obviously a huge opportunity for him.  But in this great game, if you are not utilized the way you should be, due to big contracts and overloaded clubhouses, sometimes the role you have isn't the role you get.  I've always felt as though Jones wasn't utilized properly by the Yankees.  My opinion of course.

And once that happened, Jones went into what I call "baseball purgatory."  It's not the greatest place to be, but with Cassie Jones, a BYB friend and G's lovely wife by his side, it was probably great to have alittle extra family time.

When I spoke to Cassie late in the season last year, she and G were thinking things over for what came next.  Little did I know Japan was something they discussed! I think this move to Japan, while probably alittle different for them, could prove to be a brilliant rejuvenation for Garrett Jones. After all, the guy can still play, he just may need to get the necessary at bats and playing time he needs to get the proper exposure to get back to the MLB.

Whatever the case, I am genuinely psyched for the Jones family and wish Cassie and Garrett the absolute best.  I'm personally a fan of not only G, but of the Jones couple.

Really good people.  Merry Christmas guys! Best of luck!

Damn... maybe now that he's not attached to a MLB team, Cassie can convince Garrett to give me that BYB family picture!

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