Friday, November 13, 2015


I've always been a big Rod Carew guy.  I loved his stance, I loved the way he got on base and when he played, you just saw it in his face... he knew he could, and so... he did, and he became one of the greatest in my opinion. Growing up, I had all his cards... and I still do.

I have a terrific nugget for you all this morning and it comes from the Daily News... but it starts with Rod Carew and it has to do with newly acquired Aaron Hicks:

"..two other people may have helped the newest Yankee shake off a slow start to his career and refocus on the game: Rod Carew and Ron Gardenhire.

Carew, a Hall of Famer, stepped in when Hicks decided to give up switch-hitting in 2014, a season that saw him struggle against right-handers, putting up with a .178 average and .512 OPS.

“I wanted to try to something new, and I wanted to help my team win,” Hicks said on a conference call Thursday, one day after the Yankees traded for the outfielder. “I felt like I wasn't in a position (to do that) and it was one of the low times of my career. Rod Carew actually called me and told me, what the heck am I doing giving up switch hitting? It’s a blessing, and that I should go back and work harder at it and learn from my mistakes. And he was right. I learned from my mistakes and I’m happy that I was able to change that.”

I have a good feeling about Hicks.  I hope Carew rubs off on the guy real good.

I leave you with a quote from Carew. It's one of my favorites:

"When you've learned to believe in yourself... there's no telling how good a player you can be."  -Rod Carew

So True. Preach Rod, Preach.

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