Monday, November 9, 2015


 Well, that was fast... if this trade rumor story is true.  And after Brian Cashman said he's pretty much open to anything, I believe it could be.

Jon Heyman of writes:

"...teams say Miller's name is out there a bit, though even they wonder how serious the Yankees are about it...Others suggest the price tag would be very high for Miller, whose first year in New York was nothing short of brilliant. The Yankees would want an ace pitcher or some other huge return sources suggest, to so much as consider it.

One player that could make sense for Miller is Nationals star Stephen Strasburg, who might be hard for Washington to extend. That is speculative; it isn't known if Miller's name has come up with Washington.

The Tigers, Diamondbacks , Red Sox , Astros and Blue Jays are among teams looking at closers. The Blue Jays and Astros had interest in Miller last winter."

Now I'm happy to see Heyman admit that the idea of a swap of Strasburg for Miller is speculation, because I can't see it ever happening, but damn, could you imagine?

Look, the bottom line is this is a very interesting rumor, and one that Yankee fans should keep an eye on.

In other words... we shall see.

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