Monday, October 26, 2015


Yeah, we find it fishy, and we were able to do some digging for you all... and for now we can report, the story titled Mark Teixeira gave Yankees "OK" to trade him by Yanks Go Yard and originally reported by a news source called Did You See That Now, is nothing other than false rumor.

Now I can tell you that I appreciate the rumor mill, but when you offer no source but a "League Source" and aren't picked up by any major news publication to back the story up, or even quote you, you gotta be skeptical.

We made a few calls. We send a few emails. I'm happy to know a few guys on the Yankees beat side, all of which either had no idea about the story, or couldn't confirm it independently.  Probably because it isn't true.  Hey, let me rephrase... maybe it is true... and we're all on the outside.  I doubt it though.

I mean, how would it have gone?

Yankees: "We'd like to trade you Mark."
Teixeira: "Sounds good to me! Angels please?"

I've never been a big fan of the rumor mill, especially when it is so simple to make something up for clicks and reads and conversation. But when I read the title, I was pretty sure it wasn't real.  That's why I tweeted:
Now Jeana Bellezza is doing her own digging, but I needed to share this now.  Think about it for a second; Mark Teixeira did very well for the Yankees this season and then he got injured again, like he's done often in his Yankees career.  So here's the thing, why in the world would he "give up" now?  And more importantly, the Yankees need that bat alittle longer, you know, get alittle more back on that investment.  The Yanks were rolling with Tex's help this season, and it was when he was hurt that they actually began to slide.  Would giving Tex away be a good thing?  Sure, maybe to just cut ties with the guy, but I'm not so sure the Yankees want to cut ties yet.

Is it a smart idea to work out a trade for Mark who's in the last season of his contract? Yes, but I doubt it's happening the way it's been reported.  And think about this.  Why are the only 'news' sites to pick up this story besides Yanks Go Yard, The Inquisitr, and ? Ever hear of them? Neither did I.

And read the info from Mike Ortiz of Did You See That Now. He writes: "Teixeira also told the Yankees that he has a desired destination; the Los Angeles Angels. If Teixeira did end up going back to the Angels he would be playing under GM Billy Eppler.

Teixeira who’s scheduled to make $22.5 million this season, averaged .255 with 31 home runs in the 2015 season before it came to an end with a fracture in his shin".

The Angels? Really?  What's Albert Pujols? Chopped liver? I don't buy it.

We will try to be as forthcoming as possible the next few days trying to nail down what the truth is about this rumor.  That's why you come to BYB.  But we think as of right now, the story is BS.  Plain and simple.

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