Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Congratulations to the New York Mets.  They are going to the World Series sweeping the Chicago Cubs in 4 straight games.  I was asked by a friend of mine what I thought about the Mets going to the World Series tonight.  I said, "This is good for baseball." It is.  It's a wonderful story.  I'm happy for the die hard Mets fans...
I am not happy for the bandwagon fans who have no allegiance to anything but winners and will sell their mother down the river if it means being with a champion.  If you were a Yankee fan and you flipped because you got impatient... go away, you are no longer welcome on my side of the street.  But again... to the die hard Mets fans, this is great for you guys!

I've stated alot about how I'm not a Mets fan.  I've been pretty clear that I wanted the Cubs to win the whole damn thing... that's just the baseball history buff in me wanting those poor Cubs fans to have something big in their lives.  But the better team won this series, and now the Mets are going to the World Series.

The Cubs coach, Joe Maddon's act is old by now.  You know, I was thinking about him with the Rays... now with the Cubs and I know the players all respect him. Fair enough. But here's the problem with Mr. Maddon... he thinks who the hell he is, and you know what? That game's over.
When you're the manager of a team, that club is the most important thing on the field... it's not you Joe.  He comes in thinking he's a rock star, almost like being there is good enough.  He's never won a championship... think about that for a second.  I mean, we all know the guy as being a great manager, but besides 2008 American League pennant with the Rays, that's all the guy has.  So I ask you... how great is he... really?

Bringing Joe Maddon to Chicago looks good on paper, and sure, the Cubs are young, the have plenty of time to figure it all out, but the reality is the Cubs want this now, and when a manager comes into a pre-game in sunglasses like he owns the joint... something needs to be evaluated very closely.  Theo's gotta get on that.

I mean, say what you will about Joe Girardi, but he puts his club first, that's pretty clear.  It's my opinion that Joe Maddon doesn't.  It was never more amplified than this NLCS and a sweep by the Mets.

Congrats to the New York Mets. The better team won that series.  No question.

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