Sunday, September 13, 2015


Okay, I like Mark Teixeira.  When I go to Yankee games, I elect to sit as close to first base as I can because, I actually love Mark Teixeira.  I admit it. He gave me a great show while warming up before the game on Fourth of July weekend.  But what has happened to him this season is just down right perplexing.

This season, he teased us with numbers that reflect back to when he was playing in Anaheim and we stole him from the Red Sox.  According to CBS Sports, "Teixeira, 35, hit .255/.357/.548 (148 OPS+) with a team-leading 31 home runs and 79 RBI before the injury. He was also playing his typically-excellent defense at first base."  But, like almost every season lately, he is out again.  He is like a moving target for wild pitches and a magnet for foul balls.  He had this crazy wrist sheath tendon injury last year and then he came back trim and fit announcing that he is gluten-free.  I praised him.  I emulated with him as I mentioned that I have gone gluten-free and feel great and fitter than ever.  But this last blow is just down right nutty- probably more for Tex than for me.

"Actually, not surprised," Teixeira said. "It's been really painful. I know the difference between pain and soreness. It's been painful since day one. We were just kind of trying to figure out why it wasn't healing and today we figured it out," according to the New York Times.

Here's my question and actually the question clogging up my "Tex" messages all afternoon.  Why did it take Yankee doctors or whoever they are three weeks to diagnose a fractured leg? I mean, Teixeira must have felt like an idiot crying over a deeply bruised leg that never seemed to get better.  Was it so inflamed that modern technology could not see the fracture?  Were the Yankees withholding information?  According to ESPN"Cashman wasn't sure why the fracture didn't show up on earlier rounds of tests. He said that if the Yankees had known in August that Teixeira had a fracture, Cashman would have at least explored acquiring another first baseman then." Who are these doctors?  Where did they get their degrees?  How did they miss a broken leg?  This is what is perplexing me and honestly, should be perplexing Teixeira, the Yankees and the fans.  

The Daily News reports that "Cashman added that he believes the fracture 'has been there all along' but went previously undetected. According to the GM, doctors told him the fracture carries a minimum three-month recovery process." The bone break was invisible for three weeks?  Fire them. This is the Yankees, not the Minute Clinic.  Ridiculous.

Sorry my mood can't be more positive, but when the Mets are stealing the limelight from the Bombers and we have a group of docs that can't diagnose a hang nail, I got nothing for you. Just keeping it real, folks.  It's going to be a wild ride into the twilight of September.

I leave you with this:

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