Sunday, September 13, 2015


Not much you need to know here.  The Yankees are playing against a powerhouse of a team and the Blue Jays are not letting up one bit.

We look outmatched.  There are glimmers of hope here and there, but for the most part, when the team really needs to put together a streak of wins, they just can't. 

The doubleheader yesterday was an utter disaster.  2 losses. Game 1, While the game was tied 5-5 until the 11th inning and we appeared to be hanging on, it was a combination of Bryan Mitchell and Chasen Shreve giving up 4 Blue Jays runs in an assault I was not expecting. 

By the way, anyone with a brain can see that Shreve is struggling mightely.  Maybe he's not the guy you throw out there in a situation like that. Maybe you don't hand the ball the Mitchell right then.  Maybe Girardi needs to do a better job with his pitching selection. Our offense, while strong, wasn't strong enough in Game 1.  We left 8 on base.  Come on man, you're better than that.

In game 2, another loss... this time Ivan Nova gets tagged and pulled after 1.2 innings giving up 6 runs.  It was an attack we all saw coming in Game 2. Nova is not the same pitcher he once was... and the Blue Jays are just too strong.  Game 2 we were 3-12 with runners in scoring position... we left 9 on base as a Yankee team.  We clearly have no business playing the Jays, let alone being the playoffs.  It's disgusting.

Now people are going to say to me, 'You're giving up on your team, shame on you.'  I'm not giving up... do not be ridiculous.  There is a difference between turning my back and voicing my frustrations.  What I can tell you is this team CAN win... we're just not.  We look tired and the energy is gone.  Little things help, and we've had some nice hitting, but it's the pitching that has holes sometimes, and we are definitely exposed when it comes to tough hitting teams like the Blue Jays.  I leave you with a quote from Mike Darwin... BYB reader and good baseball mind:

"Just keep telling yourself "it's only one game." We know that the Yankees weren't going 7-0 because these aren't the Twins, and just be thankful that an ugly loss doesn't count more than any other. I do think this team is beat up and tired. I want them to put up the good fight, but they have been so much fun to watch this year, and so much better than I expected, that I have to call this season a success however it ends."

True, but I wanna be on top Mike... I wanna be on top.

Final Game 1: Blue Jays 9 - Yankees 5
Final Game 2: Blue Jays 10 - Yankees 7 

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