Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Let me ask you a question; If someone is giving you an attitude... if someone is talking trash, maybe calling you names... what do you do?

We are human beings. Human beings get mad, and if someone's giving me lip, I automatically want to give it back. That's me. But I've never taken a swing at a guy unless that guy takes a swing at me. That's just my own rule of thumb.  If someone comes after me because I'm giving them lip back and swings at me, well, it's open season and when I say that, I mean I go for the face and pop the guy in the eye, I give him a shiner and I walk away. Why? Because that's what a fight is.  There's nothing more than that. There isn't a knife fight, sleeper holds, etc.  It's man to man and you hope you win it... that's it.

Bryce Harper is an arrogant player.  He's also the leader of the Washington Nationals whether you believe that or not.  Jonathan Papelbon? He's just visiting. I'm not saying that Harper has the clout where Papelbon needs to sit like a good school boy and not say anything. What I'm saying is, Harper's numbers are there and they are terrific. He's an outstanding player at 22.  If Jonathan Papelbon wants to bitch at Harper for a miss play or not hustling, he is certainly allowed. But Bryce Harper can say his piece as well.  What happened next is not a contained incident that should NOT be joked about or even handled lightly. It should also not be ignored or swept under the rug. It's serious.

Choking is a dangerous act of violence. It's vicious, a symbol of hate and it's unbelievable to me that no one is expressing the tragedy of what Papelbon did. I have news for you, suspension AND anger management is the next step.

You wanna quick history of some choking incidents in our American history in just the past year alone? I'll give you 3 to make my point:

Back in 2014, a man named Randy Lee Parkerson was accused of choking a man to death and dumping his victim's body.

In September 2015, a man named Darren Michael Dobson choked a mother of 2 to death.  He later plead guilty.

In Bayonne, NJ, a woman is being charged with nearly choking her husband to death after an argument over their divorce.

Yup. People die.  Yet, baseball folks like former player, CJ Nitkowski of FOX Sports is apparently OK with this, and writes that after "polling players", the conclusion is simple. Papelbon should not be at fault. Nitkowski had the nerve to write this:

"...The clubhouse is like no other place. It’s not like an office, and it’s not like your weekend softball team. Don’t compare a clubhouse to where you work, it’s completely different. "

So, in other words, the clubhouse is where anything goes... ANYTHING, and we fans wouldn't understand.   Even choking is apparently allowed.

In fact, one of the players he polled, even said: "I am perfectly OK with Pap’s reaction." Are you freaking kidding me?  Choking is allowed and accepted? Notice Nitkowski didn't name a single player he polled. Clearly he knows what he's putting to paper is not very popular. Well, it's also stupid. It's thug culture and it's ridiculous.

Also, lets make note of something pretty significant in Mr. Nitkowski's lame analysis of the Papelbon choke incident.  Nitkowski never once mentions the word CHOKE.  Instead, it was a scuffle between players... and don't worry, it's the clubhouse... anything goes.

Now people will review this and bring up my ripping of Robinson Cano for non-hustle when he was with the Yankees and suggest I'm giving Harper a free pass.  Let's not forget, ESPN the Magazine's Peter Keating thought he was slick when he quoted me in his piece about Cano, I guess hoping to embarrass me. It didn't work: (READ HUSTLE TO BE NUMBER 1... NOT 2):  

"Maybe it’s him jogging down the first base line.  Maybe it’s him NOT fist pumping after a game...  Maybe it’s him just making it seem like it’s “too easy"...Cano looks like he’s padding numbers as opposed to leading a club to a championship."

Keating went on to try and debunk my ripping suggesting "pacing" himself for a long career.  Silly. Here's the difference.  Cano dogged it forever, and his numbers didn't prove greatness. Harper is arrogant, but look at his numbers... he backs it up.  Cano is no Bryce Harper, that's just a fact.

Does it give Harper a free pass to crap around? Absolutely not, but it also doesn't mean he should be choked for it either.  Bryce Harper has the right to fight back verbally at Jonathan Papelbon, because let's face it, Papelbon is the leader of nothing.  What happened in that dugout, if you REALLY want to break it down, should have been a shiner to the eye and then you move on.  Men fight. Men don't choke.  There is also alittle something called Respect in this game. Oh yeah... it's also pretty significant in life as well.  Respect each other.  Sure, players, people will have disagreements over stuff... that happens all the time, but you're going to physically try and choke someone out?  Really?

Jonahthan Papelbon is a loser. That's my opinion.  Bryce Harper is arrogant and a very good ball player.  He was also assaulted.  Bottom line.

CJ Nitkowski is wrong.  It doesn't matter what setting a choke hold is in. You can be in a park or side of the road, in a domestic abuse apartment, or in the clubhouse... the choke does not discriminate... and it's dangerous. Nitkowski can 'wipe it' with his analysis of the Papelbon choke incident... and let me tell you something; In the end, Nitkowski and I disagree 100%, but here's what I know... he's not gonna come after me and choke me out.  Most likely he'll tell me I'm "way off base" and I don't know the clubhouse mentality... and that's fine, I don't.

But clubhouses don't get a free pass for a Kung Fu move that is known to murder people.

That's my take. You may disagree... and that's perfectly fine.

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